We’ve all been there. That energy zapping time between 1:30pm and 3:30pm, where your mind seems to decide you’re done for the day.

I haven’t met anyone who can work solidly through a whole day and remain effective, without taking a break. So, rather than try to battle through our slumps, let’s take it as a sign from our YOU, that our mind and senses need a chance to rest and refresh to help us continue at our best.

As soon as you can feel that slump coming on, step away for 5 minutes and recharge.

Need some inspiration on how to do this? Why not try one of these…

Work on YOU by:

1. Take a break! (Free from technology!) 

Is it really a break if you’re scrolling through your phone, checking emails or staring at a computer screen? No! So, take that 5 minutes your body is craving, grab a nice glass of water and just switch off. Simple as that, no fuss.


2. Everybody loves a bit of fresh air right?

It’s calming and so refreshing sometimes. Sun’s out? Brill, soak up that vitamin D! Raining? Even better, get your brolly out and breathe it in. Try and concentrate on your breathing so you really can’t let your mind wander for a few minutes.


3. What’s your favourite snack…

…And I don’t mean dive into the biscuit tin, overload on sugar, or down a coffee. Because let’s face it, it’s not sustainable! Have a square of your favourite dark chocolate, or treat yourself to a nutritious snack bar that’s really going to help your mind power through the afternoon. But make sure you sit and enjoy it first before you dive back in.


4. Put some of your favourite music on

You can blast it out of your office if you want. But what I really mean is, pop in your earphones, or sit in your car and just close your eyes. And if you feel like having a little boogie, even better! After this, you’re going to be ready to bust through those deadlines! I promise…


5. Listen to your YOU and plan your day 

You know YOU the most, so why not schedule your day around having breaks when you know you need it most in advance. If you know you hit the wall at 2pm everyday, don’t schedule an important meeting for then, take a break and try to arrange the sessions where you need all your brain power earlier in the day. We’ve taken it one step further here at The YOU Workout by ensuring we have a 5 minute break every hour to keep us energised, focused and productive. Why not try that this week too?


I would love to hear your experiences, funny stories or remedies for the midday slump in the comments below or let me know over social media.

We can banish that slump for good together,

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