How many times do you actually switch off and stop throughout your day?

With to-do lists ever growing actually taking the time to have a break is usually your last priority… (I know!).

But what if scheduling some YOU time could actually reduce your to-do list and make YOU more effective and productive too!?


A study recently conducted by the Draugiem Group made a fascinating finding.

They realised that it doesn’t actually matter how many hours you work. What matters is how you structure your day.

Because people who are religious about taking short breaks are far more productive than those who work longer hours.

In fact, they found that

The ideal work-to-break ratio is 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest.’

People who kept to this schedule were more focused and effective in their work. Because knowing they only had an hour of work to do before a break, meant they didn’t get distracted (yes that’s right… not looking at emails, social media or worrying about what to have for dinner).


Your brain naturally functions in spurts of high energy (roughly an hour) followed by spurts of low energy (15–20 minutes).

So the best way to beat exhaustion and frustrating distractions is to get intentional about your workday. 

Instead of working for an hour or more and then trying to battle through distractions and tiredness, when your productivity begins to dip take this as a sign that it’s time for a break.


So how can you do this?


Workout YOU By:

Break your day in to hourly intervals 

Every hour set yourself alarm and when it goes off get away from your computer, your phone, and your to-do list.

That means not answering emails or taking work calls.

Instead try:

Going for a walk (yes that can just be around the office);

Reading a fictional book (no fiction doesn’t help your bran switch off)

Listening to some music;

Chatting to a friend or colleague NOT about work;

Following a guided meditation or mindfulness exercise (we’ll be talking more about mindfulness later in the week).


These will not only help you to switch off from work but will distract you too, so you can recharge.


And as extra bonus scheduling your self ‘time-off’ each hour is a great way to show your self some self care.

And the more you care about YOU, the more focused you are on YOU… which will lead to YOU being happier and at your best too.


So don’t wait until your body tells you to take a break this week – schedule some YOU time every hour! 

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