So it’s that time of year where you feel the need to make New Years Resolutions and make ambitious life changing goals.

I get it… You’re an ambitious driven woman, just like me, which only means you deal in BIG life objectives.

Whether it’s finally getting that promotion at work, finding your dream job, gaining a pay rise or getting the recognition YOU deserve;

Buying a house, falling in love, traveling the world or ticking off everything on your bucket-list;

Smashing an ambitious fitness goal, learning a new skill or gaining a new qualification

(or all of the above)

…You’re determined to transform your life again this year and magically become a new improved version of YOU.

But the one thing we often forget to think about first before piling on the pressure of having to achieve these goals is actually sorting YOU and your life out first.


For years I used to fall into the trap of throwing myself in to pursuing big life changing resolutions as soon as the fireworks went off at New Year.

These always included things like taking two steps up the career ladder (one was never enough), exercising twice a day, starting a new hobby and radically changing my behaviour or personality to be a new perfect woman in someway…

(while also redecorating the house and being the best wife, daughter, friend and coworker all at the same time… of course!).


But nearly every year before the end of January I would feel like I’d fallen off track or needed to give up in someway.

Either life or work would always seem to ambush my efforts or I would just be exhausted and run down trying to fit all my new year ambitions in.

And, by February, I’d have succumbed to just going through the motions and making excuses for things not happening the way I wanted them too…

Because that’s life, right!?



It’s only when I gave up making New Year Resolutions in January a few years ago, to avoid the inevitable disappointment and failure by February, that I realised the secret to achieving everything you wanted to (and more) each year. 


And what was that secret?


Learning to chill the F out and focus on looking after ME first.


The biggest mistake I’ve always made across my life is throwing myself head first into everything, guns blazing.

I’ve never appreciated the whole ‘learn to walk before you run’ analogy.

I thought going at 100mph and giving 110% was the only way to do or achieve anything!

Now, this is great in short stints – but it’s definitely not sustainable and why I found myself failing or hitting burn out so many times throughout the year.

I soon learnt the hard way after numerous visits to the doctors with stress and exhaustion, that

‘How could YOU achieve anything if you’re not at your best to start with!?’


And OK, I’ll be honest, this epiphany was also helped by my husband forcing me to ‘take a break‘ and go on holiday in January 2016, due to his fear I was about to self destruct (again).

But it made me realise where I’d been going wrong every time at the start of each year…


YOU need to focus on getting YOU in the best possible place both mentally and physically first, before chasing any objectives, intentions or aspirations!

Because let’s face it – you wouldn’t try to run a marathon without doing any training and just turning up with a new pair of trainers at the start line hoping for the best.

So why do we treat our life goals this way!?

It’s time to make a change!

What we need to do is go back to basics and get ourselves prepared and ready to achieve our goals first.

Like this classic quote reminds us:


Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

(The 7P’s by the British Army)


Yes, you may have heard this hundred’s of times… but it’s true.

It’s not something to only apply to work situations, tasks or projects – YOU need to plan and prepare yourself for life and your goals too!


So over the next few weeks I would love for YOU to join me in parking the New Year Resolutions and instead focusing on PREPARING yourself first, so YOU can truly achieve anything YOU want to in 2018.


How are we going to do this? 


By focusing on getting YOU feeling and being at your best before we start setting or chasing any goals! 


STEP ONE of this is going to be giving yourself an inner health check, which I can’t wait to share with YOU on Sunday.

And then over the next month I’ll be sharing my top tips, tools and practices to help YOU get yourself in the best possible state to achieve anything YOU want to this year.


All you need to do to get involved is…

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This year why not do something different and join me in NOT setting New Years Resolutions (or at least putting them on hold until April)…

And instead dedicate the next few months to getting YOU to be and feel at your best so YOU can actually achieve your goals without fail!

I promise YOU, it’ll not only help ensure YOU achieve whatever YOU desire this year but it’ll also create bigger and better results than ever before, while YOU feel the best you’ve ever have too!


And finally for now – just sit back and relax ladies.


Don’t get dragged in to the pressure of Resolutions and instead just do one thing for YOU before Sunday that will help YOU take a break and switch off for half an hour (because I bet YOU deserve some TLC).


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