This week at The YOU Workout we’re focusing on self doubt, self belief and confidence.

And, one of the major worries a lot of us battle with on a daily basis that effects this is caring about what people think of us!

It can stop us from having the confidence in ourselves to do the things we want to, live our life or just be ourselves.

So to help you to begin to think about how you can tackle this mental block and change your perspective, we thought this video would be a good start:


1.Don’t worry about other peoples opinions, it’ll only cause you fear and hold you back


2. You only live once and it’s your life – so make your own decisions. You know what’s best for you.


3. You will never live up to everyones expectations and when you try to do this you’ll only neglect yourself


4. People actually don’t think about you as much as you think they do, it’s just your ego that thinks they do.


5. If you want to succeed in anything – success doesn’t come from making a few major decisions correctly, it’s about doing little things for you every day.


6. Small decisions every day define who you are – so make sure they are for you, no one else. That’s how you achieve happiness and discover who you really are.


7. If YOU want to improve and be the best version of YOU, you have to work on YOU


WHY NOT START TODAY?  Join our free 5 day challenge that has kicked off today (it’s not too late).


It’s all about helping you boost your confidence and self belief every day so you no longer hold yourself back from living the life you dream of, achieving what you desire or deserve, and being the best version of you.


However, you do need to be quick and register here as we’re already LIVE with day one.


This could be your moment to finally start focusing and doing things for YOU and no one else. To finally make the change rather than standing still.


Empower yourself to take that step forward and allow yourself to be the best version of YOU… Because you were born to thrive.

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