This is one of my all time favourite motivational videos – I just had to share with you. It’s a ‘go to’ when I’m needing a reminder or a push to live life.

Take the time today to watch, listen and think about what the amazing Les Brown tell us in this video.

Do this, and I imagine you’re whole energy and outlook will change before the end of the clip.

Feeling Motivated To Workout YOU?


1. Make today the day you forgive yourself and others. Write that list and let go of the grudges. They’re only hurting YOU!


2. Clear out the life clutter. Get rid of the things and people who are taking up too much negative space in your life.


3. Ask yourself this: ‘Do you procrastinate or make yourself busy to avoid working on YOU?’. Be honest with yourself.


4. How can you make the most out of life instead of just showing up? By developing, investing, caring and growing yourself. Working on your mindset and wellbeing. Making yourself a priority and giving yourself time. That’s why I created The YOU Club to help you do just that. You can join here.


5. Be aware and develop good self esteem. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t have to work on this. It’s often our self belief and confidence that holds us back the most. So take the motivation and energy you felt from this video and put it to good use. Do something for yourself on purpose and join our free 5 Day Self Belief challenge now.


And don’t forget, no one is ever perfect but you have the power to make your life the way you want it to be or live your dream (no one else’s).


Have a fab week,

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