So a few days ago I shared with you why you shouldn’t get dragged in to the pressure of making New Years Resolutions.

And instead, why you should focus on sorting YOU and your life out first.

(If you missed it you can find it here).

Because let’s face it,

How can you achieve anything if you’re not feeling or performing at your best in the first place? 

You’re just putting yourself under more stress and pressure, and quite frankly waisting your energy in trying to fight yourself and the world around you to succeed.

I battled for years trying to make things happen in the New Year.

Feeling even more disappointed, fed up and frustrated than when I’d started.

Whether it was around trying to get a promotion at work, getting the recognition I deserved, changing jobs, loosing weight, sticking to a fitness regime, falling in love or starting a new project or hobby…

The universe and the world always seemed to be against me! 

I could come up with a million reasons why I wouldn’t succeed.

And trust me, I truly became a pro at excuses.

I could convince anyone that it wasn’t my fault (especially myself).

I would tell myself it was down to…

Stress at work, my awful boss or colleagues not doing what they should;

Friends calling me, my husband (always a favourite, sorry Dan), the dog or familyissues;

Politics (who hasn’t used Brexit or Trump as an excuse!?);

The weather, not having the right environment to concentrate in or feng shui;

My wardrobe (you always need the right outfit), the car, the trains, my commute, my phone or my laptop;

Never having enough time (an all-time favourite), having to go on holiday or just being downright unlucky…

I could always fabricate an excuse for not succeeding every time ( I’m sure I’m not alone).

But in the moment, I believed all of these were true.


I used these excuses to hide a way from the fact that my misfortune or lack of results was down to one thing and one thing alone.


Because, It’s so much easier to blame all the exterior ‘stuff’ that surrounds us.

Those things that are out of our control.

What we forget to focus on is the one thing we can control, manage and look after… ourselves.


I truly believe that YOU can do anything. 

That YOU can achieve anything or make anything happen.

However to do this,

YOU need to be in tune with yourself;

Understand yourself;

Nurture yourself;

And be connected with yourself FIRST –

If YOU truly want to succeed. 

And don’t worry. I know that sounds like a complicated and onerous task that’s easier to ignore than deal with.

But it’s really quite simple.

All it takes is a little bit of self love and care to get YOU being and feeling at your best.

Then YOU can truly be unstoppable.

So that’s why we’re going to make a start today with an inner health check. 


The Inner Health Check

Now I created this ‘Inner Health Check‘ after years of not only studying myself but also reading copious amounts of Self Help books, taking courses, gaining qualifications and being coached.


Because I think we all need a practical black and white test to understand where we are and how we feel.

Something that can give us answers quickly and make us aware of what we need to work on (or don’t need to work on) to help set ourselves up for success.

And I also use this on a monthly basis too – or whenever I’m feeling rubbish and things aren’t quite going my way to recognise what I might need to give some time and attention to.


What you need to do: 

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write a simple YES or NO for each question.

Don’t overthink it or start making excuses in your head. Be honest with yourself.

It should take you less than 2 minutes.

(And as a heads up, I’ve never been able to answer YES to all these questions at once – so don’t worry about how many NO’s you get)

So are YOU ready?

Here we go….


20 Quick Questions to understand YOU


1)Are you getting 7 hours or more sleep a night?

2)Are you leaping out of bed every morning (not hitting snooze)?

3)Do you feel energised throughout the day?


4) Do you have a realistic to-do list you get through every day (not one that grows and never seems to end)?

5) Do you take regular breaks throughout your day to switch off and relax?

6) Do you take a lunch break?

7) Are you working a maximum of 8 hours a day?


8) Are you exercising or purposely moving your body each day?

9) Are you getting at least 15minutes of fresh air?

10) Are you consuming more healthy foods than junk foods?

11) Are you drinking more water than caffeine?


12) Are you worry and stress free?

13) Do you feel light and free with nothing niggling at you that you haven’t quite let go off?

14) Are you seeing the positive in all situations instead of the negative?

15) Do you feel happy?


16) Are you confident in your own skin?

17) Are you confident in who you are, your strengths and your abilities?

18) Are you confident in your own skin?

19) Do you love yourself?

20) Are you spending an hour or more a day on your own self care?


Well done – that wasn’t so bad was it?

Now for your results…


Did you get any NO’s?

If so well done!

You’re being truly honest with yourself and I’m proud of you.

I did this a few weeks a go (just before Christmas) and literally answered NO to every single question.

I know, shock horror… I’m not perfect (thank god)!

At the time nothing seemed to be going right and I felt dreadful both on the inside and out.

But as soon as I did this inner health check, it made me realise why.

I wasn’t feeling at my best or setting myself up to achieve my best so it was time to STOP what I was doing and invest some time on working on me.

It happens to all of us.

It’s so easy to let life and work take over and throw you off track from remembering to look after YOU.

Want the good news?

I’m going to help YOU turn these NO’s to YES’ over the next few weeks.

I’ll be sharing with YOU my own simple self care solutions to get you being and feeling at your best on this blog, and across our social media.


What you need to do next: 

1)Make a promise to yourself now to try everything I share and commit 100% to giving everything your best effort (no more excuses)

2)Make sure you sign up to our Newsletter by clicking Sign Me Up on this Page.

3)If your on Facebook – join our Facebook Group here AND Like our page here.

4)Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (because we’ll be sharing quick tips and inspiration there too).

And that’s it.

I can’t wait for us to start.

I love having a project, I don’t know about you!?

So let’s call the next few weeks Project YOU (giving a name to something always makes it seem important or a commitment, and it’s time YOU were you’re number one priority).

I’ll share our first Project YOU workout on Tuesday.


Oh, and if you got all YES’ in the inner health check – Congratulations. 

You’re amazing, maybe even Superwoman!? And you don’t need to do any work on yourself as you’ve got it all nailed… go conquer life and the world.

(I just hope you were honest with yourself).


For the rest of YOU let Project YOU commence 🙂

And if you know anyone else who might need this too – get them involved. The more the merrier!

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