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Work with Lucy…

The Founder of The YOU Workout


Lucy regularly speaks at events around Personal Development in the workplace; How to work out your YOU to thrive in the corporate world; Feminine Empowerment and Gender Intelligence.

She loves getting to meet and speak to new people whether it’s on a stage or in a small group so please use the box above to contact us if you’re interested in working with Lucy… but do be warned her energy and passion is contagious!


Lucy also works with businesses on how they can better support and enable their employees to Thrive across their work and life, while improving employee satisfaction, productivity, attraction and retention rates.

She focuses specifically on utilising Gender Intelligence, Positive Psychology and putting the Personal back in Personal Development to transform ways of working today to get the most out of a workforce.


If you’re as passionate as we are around transforming Personal Development, Wellbeing and Feminine Empowerment in the workplace then we would love to hear from You.

Lucy loves the opportunity to speak to others who are in alignment with what we do, and is continually looking at opportunities to collaborate.

So whether you have an event, project or your vibe just matches ours, please use the box above to get in touch.


If you would like Lucy to comment on a topic, write a feature or be interviewed on a vlog or podcast then please use the box above to get in touch.

She is incredibly passionate about what she does and is happy to entertain any engagements that allow her to spread her message and engage with different audiences around the world to help them work on their YOU or transform the approaches in the workplace today.

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