Yes, self-care. It’s my drug of choice.

After a long stressful day in the office there’s nothing better than giving yourself some TLC to relax, refresh and recharge yourself.

But, too often, self-care ends up at the bottom of our ever growing to-do lists and rarely happens…Which is crazy! Because it’s the one thing you often need the most and can help you get back to feeling at your best and being happy, no matter what life has thrown at you through the day.

So together we need to get you into the habit of practising self care daily.

Below I’m sharing 7 things you can do for Self Care that take practically no time at all (i.e. 5-10 minutes, we can all make time for).

Why not give a different one a try each day this week to make sure you get some ‘you-time’?

They’ll not only help you switch off when you get home, but they’ll impact how you feel throughout the working day as well.


Workout YOU By:


1)Go for a walk with your favourite tunes

Get out of the office or house and go for a quick stroll with your earbuds in and an empowering songs blaring.

The louder and cheesier the better.

I have a go to 90’s and 00’s playlist full of classics for this. If you haven’t got one… you need one!


2) Treat yourself 

Whether it’s getting your nails done, having a blow dry, a massage, treating yourself to a new lipstick or buying some flower.

Spending a little money on yourself each week on something that’s 100% for you can really help you get your good vibes going and helps you remind yourself of your own self worth.


3) Have a face-pack night

This has to be one of my favourites.

Running a really deep bath that almost overflows with bubbles, lighting some candles and popping a face pack on to work it’s magic while you netflix ’n’ chill in the bath is the ultimate self care act in my week.

(If you have a noisy house like mine I recommend investing in a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and some noise cancelling headphones… to ensure no interruptions). 


4) Do a quick facial massage

A facial massage is soooo good for your skin — it drains your lymph nodes and de-stresses you as we can hold so much tension in our faces.

It’s so quick and easy to do and you’ll also feel an instant release.

This tutorial is aces and super easy to follow.


5) Write in a journal

I’m a pen-to-paper girl, so journaling speaks right to my soul.

A guided journal (this one is fab) is perfect when you have 5 minutes because you don’t have to spend any time thinking about what to write about.

You can open to a page, follow the prompt, and take off from there.

It’s also a great tension reliever when you need to vent about an annoying work situation — you can dump all the negative vibes into a journal and return to work ready to put it behind you.


6) Stretch then slob

At the end of a long day sometimes there’s nothing better than putting your slobby clothes on and just letting it all hang out.

But before you hit the couch I think it’s great to do some simple stretches like in this video.

You can hold so much tension in your body and stretching is great to help you get some release.

Plus, if you’re not a ‘yogi’ – this is a fab alternative to get you to connect and spend some time tuning in to your body.


7) Laugh until it hurts

Laughter can cure anything.

It decreases stress hormones and releases endorphins (your body’s natural feel-good chemical).

I think everyone should have a laughter night at least once a week so whether it’s watching some stand-up comedy, a rom-com or a funny cat video on YouTube, schedule in some chuckle time for your self care.


Want to take your Self Care even further?

In February we’re going to be focusing on mastering Self Love at The YOU Workout with one of our famous free 7 Day Challenges.

After all February is the month of Love 🙂 but why not make it about loving you, not just others.

To join in all YOU need to do is click ‘Sign Me Up‘ on this page.


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