The dreaded to-do list….

Its often the main thing that can stop you focusing and spending time on YOU (while causing many a sleepless night worrying about all you need to do).

But to-do lists aren’t the enemy, no matter how many times they seem to grow instead of shrink.

To-do lists are a great way to help you get things done and take away the pressure of remembering everything that’s on your mind.

The problem is actually YOU.

How YOU approach your to-do list 


What YOU put on there.

So this week’s workout is all about helping you ensure your lists help instead of hinder you to be at your best.


Workout YOU By:


1.Prioritise with MIT’s

You’re not superwoman. No matter how hard you try you can’t do everything.

Having a list with 10 or more things a day to do is going to deflate you more than help you.

Instead why not try dividing your to-do list in to two.

i) On one side select your Three Most Important Tasks (MIT’s)… i.e. the 3 things you have to absolutely get done today.

ii) On the other side the things that would be ‘nice’ to get done today.

This automatically helps ease the pressure of having so much to do and will help you focus on what actually needs to get done instead.


2. Use your mornings correctly 

You’re most energised and productive in the morning.

Therefore, rather than spending your first working hours answering emails and doing admin tasks, utilise this to achieve your MIT’s.

Not only will this help ensure you get your priorities ticked off your list, but it will also help you be more productive throughout the day too.

Because by lunchtime you won’t be sitting wondering ‘what have I done with my morning’ and instead have something worthwhile to show for your hard work.


3. Don’t avoid the bad stuff 

We all have things on our to-do list that we don’t want to do. And the longer you put these off the more they weigh over you (like a bad hangover).

So why not group your less favourable tasks together and dedicate an MIT slot to them every week.

Not only will this make sure you get them done (tick) but it will stop them from burdening you every day.


4. Delegate 

As women, we naturally like to try and do everything ourselves instead of asking for help.

So this week why not give your a to-do list a review and ask yourself these two questions:

i) Do I really need to do this?

ii) Could anyone else do this?

That’s right… I know no one can do anything as well as you but for your own sake it’s time to let go of your control.

Can a friend, partner, family member, co-worker or your boss take some tasks of your plate?

If so ask (or tell them!).


5. Let go 

We all have things on our to-do lists that don’t get ticked off week after week.

And there’s one reason for that… they’re not important enough to you right now.

So you have two options:

i) Cross them off your list and let them go. The fact that they keep staring you in the face every week will only make you feel like you’ve failed.


ii) Make them important now. Purposely turn them into one of your MIT’s tomorrow and give them the time they deserve so you can officially tick them off.


6. Celebrate daily

Instead of focusing on all the stuff you haven’t done every day, give yourself the credit for everything you have achieved.

Naturally things crop up that you have to deal with that are out of your control.

But rather than spending every night thinking about all you still need to do, take the time to reflect and realise how awesome you are for all the things you have achieved each day.

This shift in mindset will not only help your positivity but will also help you be more productive the next day too.


7. Say no

Instead of saying yes to everyone and everything, let’s get you focusing back on you.

Are all the things on your to-do list benefiting or for you?

If not it’s time to start crossing things off again.

Ok you might disappoint a few people, but are they doing the same for you as you door them?



Remember you can’t do everything and shouldn’t need to do everything. 

So this week let’s get your to-do list back to being more focused on you and helping you feel good rather than dragging you down.

But be prepared, this approach might have you ticking everything off by 2pm… then what will you do!? 🙂


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