So last week we focused on taking the right steps to getting a better nights sleep (you can see this here).

Now let’s focus on maintaining your bedtime routine but also working on how YOU wake up, so YOU can give yourself the best start to every morning to really rise and shine.


Workout YOU by:


1)Leave your phone or alarm clock away from your bed.

This means when your alarm goes off you’ll have no option to get out of bed to switch it off. This will help you avoid hitting snooze and feeling more reluctant to get out of bed.

Plus, it will also help you to stop checking your phone before bed and through the night.


2) Get straight in the shower and give gratitude 

Having a shower is the perfect way to wake yourself up and get yourself going. But rather than making this a rushed affair to get out the door… take your time.

While in the shower make it a new habit to give gratitude.

The simplest way to start doing this is just by thinking of 3 things you are grateful for and build each day from there.

To begin with it could be just being grateful for waking up, having a bed to sleep in and running water. Start small and build from there. 

Gratitude is so important to help your day to start in a positive way and get your happy vibes going. It makes you realise and appreciate what you have got, which we can so easily forget and has a lasting effect on your brain throughout the day to focus on the positives instead of the negatives.


3) Start to move (or even groove) 

Your body has been asleep for 7-8 hours and naturally needs time to power up.

So to give it a helping hand why not try doing a burst of exercise before or after your shower. This can be simply doing 10 star jumps, dancing around to your favourite song or doing a 5 minute yoga routine.

Exercise and movement naturally gets your positive endorphins going and can give you a wonderful boost throughout the day (but it doesn’t have to mean going to the gym).

Have a think how you could add some movement into your morning routine but make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy to add to your positive vibes (not feel reluctant about).


4) Get ready powered with positivity 

The time you spend getting ready every morning is valuable ‘YOU time’ that you can often neglect. It’s an opportunity to not only get the exterior of you together but also the inner you too.

Moving forward when you are getting dressed, why not try repeating some positive statements to yourself around what you want or how you want to feel.

For example: Today is going to be a good day; I am enough; I’m beautiful inside and out. 

… I know for a few of you this may feel ‘cringe‘ but to try and take that icky feeling away why not play some of your favourite songs that are high energy to give yourself a boost. Or listen to a motivational audiobook or podcast that’s linked to how you want to feel?


5) Dress to feel good 

What YIU wear every day is a symbol of how much you love and care for yourself. So rather than just shoving anything on, take a little bit of extra time to pick an outfit that makes you feel good. You can maybe even try and include your favourite colour in there too.

This will help you to walk out the door feeling like your a goddess and show yourself that you do love you.

To make this easier each morning, why not spend a few hours one evening clearing out anything from your wardrobe that doesn’t make you feel good or is old and tatty. Let’s leave you with only positive outfits to choose from each day.


6) Have an amazing breakfast 

I know I have mentioned this before but I truly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It’s the first thing that fuels your body. Therefore not giving your breakfast the time and attention it deserves will only impact on the way you feel the rest of the day.

So this week make sure you build time into your morning routine to not only make but sit and enjoy a healthy breakfast each morning full of your favourite fruits or vegetables.

Focus on not only making it taste delicious but also bright and beautiful too.

This again is a gift you can give yourself every day – showing yourself you love and care about you by fuelling it in the best possible way.

(And no, a Diet Coke and Special K bar does not count!)


And remember: 

How you start your day is how you live your day. How you live your day is how you live your life.


Now to perfect and truly give time to your morning routine (which you deserve) you may need to go back and revisit your sleep times from earlier this week to make sure you allow yourself a good hour every morning to focus on YOU. Because if you follow the above steps for the next 7 days you’ll start to make your morning YOU routine a habit, which is another big step in becoming the best version of YOU.

As always, I’ll be sharing some extra tips…

In our newsletter which you can join by clicking ‘sign me up’ on this page; I’ll also be actively working with you on this in the Facebook Group which you can join here; And you can see me doing my morning routine by following me on Instagram and checking out my story here.

And I want to see YOU in action too…

So don’t forget to share your efforts with your morning routine using #projectyou and tag @theyouworkout.


Remember – to be truly happy you need to be and feel at your best; To be at your best you need to focus and spend time on YOU… your morning routine is a great way to do this every day.

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