Like many of you, I’ve always thought that my self-worth was largely reliant of my job. How I was performing, what position I held, what I earned and what I had achieved or could brag about.

We get asked so many times a month questions like ‘What do you do?’ or ‘How’s work?’, it’s hard not to believe that society and others don’t judge us on this, and that we need something good to say. It often feels like a game of Top Trumps.

I’ve even found myself accepting roles or working for a particular company because it would sound great to others. And looking back, most of my career aspirations and goals were more about gaining a status, a ‘good job’ or just doing something so I could talk a good game. I never once focused on what I actually loved, energised me or enjoyed.

If you can relate to any of this, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t let your job or career define you – because YOU are worth more than a job title or paycheck.


1. Your job is just something you do and not who YOU are! 

It doesn’t define you as a person. Have a think of all the things you do in addition to your career? Mother, wife, dog walker, book reader… Literally anything you do or love, identifies the real YOU! To cut it short, people are known for much more than what they do for a career, because it’s the things we love that really define us.


2. Your job is only a temporary thing

Life is full of experiences, and for us we aren’t constrained to one job for the rest of our lives like maybe our parents were. You just never know what’s around the corner! Experiences change us and can change our career paths. Nothing is set in stone.


3. Truths and values are what really defines YOU

It’s so true that whenever we meet somebody new, we ask… so what do you do for a living? It is a big aspect of our lives, but there are better ways to define people! What are you passionate about? What do you love, value and cherish? Imagine the raw conversations you could end up having with people. I feel great just thinking about it! Happiness before pay check, boss or job.


4. Having a good, reputable, well-paid job isn’t your only success

Let’s look past how great it looks on our CV or LinkedIn profile. Because when we think of success, I bet a good proportion of the population thinks… job. Now, how can you measure somebody’s success from this when there’s so much more to it? Every person will have a different definition and that’s ok, we’re not here to follow other peoples’ journeys. We are here re-claiming that inner YOU!


5. Will YOU be remembered by your job or how YOU made them feel?

Think back to when you last met somebody, do you remember them being that warm welcoming person or that they were [Insert Job Role Here] person? We remember people on how they made us feel. You’re only doing yourself a massive injustice by identifying yourself solely on your career. The more we focus on our YOU, the more we will realise that we are more than our jobs!


Overall, we can all often cling to our job or our career because it gives us something we can hide behind because we don’t have the belief in ourselves. The real you, not your job title or what you do day-to-day. To truly recognise our self worth away from our jobs we have to have the confidence to go with it. And to help you with this a little more, our November Challenge is all about eliminating self doubt and boosting your confidence.


So let’s stop letting your job or career define you and take a stance to focus on your true self worth by joining our November challenge here.


I would love to hear your views on this topic too, either in the comments below or over on social media, as I know it’s something many of the woman I mentor struggle with and I have too.


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