Whatever you have going on thats stressing YOU out, rest assured we’ve all been there and quite frankly its not great, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

But below are a few simple tips that you can incorporate into you’re hectic life which will help relieve that tension.

It’s important to deal with your stress as soon as you start to feel it bubbling up inside, before it gets any worse.

Being stressed not only effects your mental and physical state, but it also blocks YOU from being at your best and therefore happy too.




1)Meditate… before you skip this have a read!

You may think this is definitely not my style, but it can benefit everyone so hear me out.

It is all about letting go, and I don’t know about you but sometimes that’s all we wish for sometimes, to just be able to let go of stressful thoughts, and relieve some tension.

It’s merely a practice of training your mind and focusing on positivity.

So to start, make sure you are somewhere comfortable, it doesn’t have to be a yoga mat.

Focus on your breathing. How is your body physically feeling?

Then you can move on to more complex thoughts and ideas, there are plenty of beginners guides out there. Here is a few simple tips: https://zenhabits.net/meditation-guide/



2) Read a book 

Preferably something light hearted or fictional, that allows you to have some escapism from the world.

Reading is a fantastic way to achieve this and de-stress, your worries disappear and your mind will be in your book.

Try not to read self-help books when your feeling stressed because you’re mind is craving a release from how you are feeling.

Fictional books require your full attention and are solely on the characters so it’s much more difficult for you mind to wander.

Now, if you’re too stressed to even concentrate try an audio book so you can just sit back and listen.

Make sure whatever it is you do, it requires your full attention. I often find if i watch a tv show or a movie I end up not concentrating and my worries creep in, so just bare this mind.



3) Listen to a podcast or audio book

This is a great way to unwind, even if you can only fit in a 10 minutes on your drive home.

It can really help you lose yourself in another world, what are you favourite podcasts?

Remember it’s important to not think about work all of the time, I know when you are run off your feet constantly it’s hard.

However, podcasts or audiobooks can be an incredible way to relieve stress and unwind.



4) Talk to someone 

Getting things off your chest can really ease some of the pressure. Like they say it’s better out than in.

So whether you have a grown up conversation to the person who maybe is stressing you out, or rant to a good friend on the phone.

Discussing the issue allows you to not only relieve the pressure but also helps you process it too.

Sometimes when you get in to a spin you loose perspective so talking it through with whoever you need to is a great way to ground you back in reality.

(No, it’s not the end of the world)



5) Get some exercise

In my last blog post I talked about the benefits of movement towards your self love and self care. 

One of my greatest stress busters is moving my body.

Whether that  means dancing around the kitchen, going to the gym or taking a walk outside. Whatever it is, I always try to get myself moving.

This can not only distract you and take you away from from your stressed situation, but it also helps you to counteract your negative vibes with positive endorphins.

So give yourself a break from your worries and get moving.



I hope you can utilise these tips and don’t worry we’ve all been there, and I’m here to help you combat it.

Find a way to switch off from the situation for a while and focus on you, so when you return your calmer and clearer on what is going on.


And if you’re wanting some more tips like this, why not check out my post on ‘6 ways to Relax in Less Than 5 Minutes’.


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