We’re all guilty of neglecting ourselves, especially as busy working women.

We can end up having a battle in our heads, and doubting ourselves most days.

But all this is doing is holding us back!

What we really need to do is show ourselves the same love and care we give to others, so we can flourish and thrive.

One day she woke up & decided to love herself more than she ever thought possible

Work Out YOU

1.Appreciate everything around you!

Have a little think or take a look at your surroundings… we have so many thing to be grateful for.

We often forget to think about the small things because we are so busy with our lives.

But taking a moment can really help you feel more connected to yourself.


2. Love, love, love

Lets all feel the love.

What do you love about yourself?

You can think about it or say it out loud.

Whether it’s a characteristic, something you have achieved, a strength or skill, an element of you or just a favourite pair of shoes.

Show love to you.

Focusing on love and you can’t help but start to feel it more.


3. Pen to paper 

You can write down all the things you love about yourself, family and life.

Stick it up on the wall as a little reminder.

Even just writing ‘i love you’ on a note would be sufficient, or making a reminder in your phone.

Sometimes a little pick me up is all we need.


4. Do something for you! 

You can spend your days doing things for others, pleasing others and taking care of others.

What we often forget is to do, please and take care of ourselves.

Start making a regular date in the diary (for The You Workout team it’s every Wednesday night) and do something just for you.

Have a long bubble bath with candles, go for a walk, take a yoga class, buy yourself some flowers or put on a face pack – whatever it is, just make sure you do one thing for you every week that shows yourself some love.

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