So last week in the first part of this feature on ’11 Habits To Be A Happy Woman’ , we shared with you 5 key tips to make happiness a real thing for YOU.

These included: Practising Gratitude; Prioritising Self Care; Complimenting Others; Letting Go Of Grudges; And Not Caring What Other People Think. (If you missed it, you can find the post here).

I’m sure you’re starting to realise (just like we did) that happiness isn’t a given. Being happy takes conscious effort and actions to achieve this positive state.

And now you’ve started to master and try the things from last week…we want to give you your second boost of feel good hints and tips. And there’s some really fab ones in here again, so take a look and give them a go to help YOU be the best version of YOU.


Work Out YOU:

6. Move and dance

Most working women spend a large majority of their day sitting at their desk. It’s no wonder that your energy and mood start to drop when you’re stuck in one place. It’s therefore really important to ensure you keep your body moving throughout the day.

Again, every happy woman we spoke to incorporated this in to their busy schedule at least four times a day to help keep their happy juices flowing. Whether it’s going for a walk on your lunch break, pacing around the office while on conference calls, stretching before a meeting – it’s really important to ensure you’re moving your body throughout the day.

One of our most favourite tips from our interviewees is to dance every morning. Get the radio on or your favourite playlist and groove your way in to the day. Just let it all go, shake it out and feel your good vibes soar. We’ve tried and tested it and it makes an incredible difference. So before we sit down to start our work every day – we now dance our heart out.

So if you work from home why not try this throughout your day, or if you’re office based have a boogie while you get dressed in the morning and while you’re making dinner at night. You can’t help but feel happy from this.


7. Don’t say YOU would like to do something – do it 

Stop saying you would like to be a writer, or a musician, or a painter, or a party planner, or a runner, or a better cook etc (whether it’s as a full time job or a hobby). Just be that thing instead.

All the ladies we talked to were doers. They didn’t think or wish for things. They made it happen by taking action.

So, why not set aside some time every week to spend time on that aspiration you have. It might be joining a class or taking a lesson online, going along to a group, starting a blog or just playing with ideas. But whatever it is, make a time and a commitment each week to do it… and you’ll waste no more energy wishing.


8. Practice kindness

The more random the better. Leave a piece of cake on your co-worker’s desk when they’re not there. Drop a random happy text to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Give up your seat on the train. Just do something small that will mean a lot to someone else.

A lot of the research we examined proved that when you make an effort to do something nice for someone else, it doesn’t only make you feel good but you also reap big rewards in terms of happiness thereafter.

We’re strong believers of what you give out you get back, and small acts of kindness every day make a real difference to this.


9. Have a healthy relationship with money 

Happy women have a lot of self worth. They value themselves the most. Instead of letting their financial position dictate their self-esteem, they let their self love and happiness dictate their wealth.

As a society we can all get so hung up on money. And, if this isn’t in the best place, this can truly be a downer.

What we learnt from speaking to our Successful Happy Women is that it’s important to be aware and have a good handle on your finances – but not let that define who you are and your happiness. Even if you have a million pounds or more in the bank you can still be unhappy.

So rather than thinking of wealth as just your bank balance, think of your wealth as your self love, self worth, health and happiness. And doing things that cost nothing every day will remind you of this.


10. Learn to say no

We often can’t help ourselves by being the person that always says yes, even when inside we’re screaming no. And soon your life can be filled of doing things that you don’t want to and soon that stops you being happy.

To avoid this you simply need to learn to say no. As soon as you get asked something and the initial reaction is ‘ugh’, just say no.

All the successful happy women we spoke to said that they didn’t do anything they didn’t want to. So learn to say no ladies, you’ll definitely benefit from it.


11. Get the best advice from yourself 

Needing to constantly get people’s views on what’s going on in your life or at work can only lead to unhappiness. Naturally, we start to feel defensive when people give advice, and that’s because deep down you do not need it.

You know the answers. It’s that feeling in your gut. And if you feel lost it’s because you’ve lost connection or are not wanting to listen to your YOU and inner voice.

A lot of the women we spoke to used meditation to connect and listen to their inner self. Asking for inner advice and going outside of themselves for support.

You know deep down what you want to hear or what the answers are. So take a minute first and listen to YOU, because you’ll find you don’t need anyone else, and it will truly affect your happiness too.

You know what YOU need.



Now I hope you’ve found this article really interesting and there’s a few things that you have realised YOU can start doing straight away to help your happiness. However, we get that it’s hard to maintain and establish positive habits. Especially if you’re set in your ways or get ambushed by life.

But that’s one of the reasons we have created The YOU Club. To help you not only develop skills and behaviours to enable you to be at your best, but also to help you maintain and sustain positive habits too.

It really is worth checking out and you can find out more here.


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